Latest Update on Review Decisions (as at 26 March 2019)

Review decisions of the all symposia were already made known to the authors by email. Authors who did not receive the email can login to their user account to check the review decision.

Submission Guidelines



>> 01 Sep 2018

>>31 Jan 2019
>>extended to 15 Feb 2019

Early Bird & Author Registration
 01 Apr 2019
>> extended to 15 April 2019

   Step 1

Get ready your abstract


Please prepare the abstract in TEXT only, with a maximum of 300 words. This can later be copied & pasted from your text document onto the online submission form.  Please do NOT include images/tables in your text submission.

Please also have the list of author(s), their organizations/affiliations and email addresses on hand, as you will need to enter them into the corresponding data field on the online submission form.

   Step 2

Create a user account


Click on the “Submit Abstract” button below.

You will be brought to the online submission page, where you can sign up for an online account to submit your abstract. This will be the same account you can use to register and make payment for the conference later.

   Step 3

Sign in to Account


After your online account is created, you may proceed with the submission of your abstract(s).

On the overview page, click on the symposium you wish to participate and follow the on-screen instructions to submit your abstract(s).


  • AUTHORS/PRESENTERS (including Symposium Keynote & Invited Speakers) will have to complete the registration and payment latest by 1 April 2019 (EXTENDED) 15 April 2019, in order for their presentation to be scheduled in the conference programme.
  • Users can submit multiple abstracts under one account but each registration fee covers a maximum of TWO (02) presentations (oral/poster)
  • Each registrant can make up to TWO (02) presentations (either oral or poster) at the conference.
  • Please do NOT submit the same abstract for both oral and poster mode.  If the abstract is not accepted for oral presentation, it may still be considered for poster.
  • For registration fee & details, please visit >> REGISTER – Fees & Payment page