Polaris Science

Polaris Science Pte Ltd


Polaris Science is a leading supplier for Nano-Fabrication Tools, Nano-Characterisation Instruments and General Laboratory Equipment for material science and engineering laboratories.

We specialize in Nanoimprinting, Ink Jet Printing, EHD Printing, Electrospinning, Atomic Layer Deposition, Sputtering, PECVD, 3D Printing, Direct Laser Lithography, Mask Aligner, and R2R Deposition tools.

We provide metrology tools such as Ellipsometer, AFM, SEM, TEM, Nanoindenter and analytical tools of DLS, Particle Counter and Electrochemical Workstation.

We also offer Glove Box, Plasma System, Spin Coater, Furnace and other general laboratory instruments.

We deliver the best possible customer service and create the most delightful experience with our valued customers.