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Category: Nanomaterials

Symposium CC

Novel Solution Processing of Advanced Functional Nanomaterials for Energy, Environmental and Biomedical Applications

Please refer to the topics listed below.

  • Solution processing – general, conventional methods and novel methods.
  • CBD, soft solution processing, high temperature solution methods, spray pyrolysis, solution plasma processing.
  • Hydrothermal synthesis, hydrothermal processing, soft/mild hydrothermal processing, solvothermal reactions, solvothermal synthesis, carbonothermal synthesis, ammonothermal synthesis, glycothermal synthesis, chemistry of hydrothermal media, hydrothermal epitaxy, HIP, nature inspired hydrothermal processes.
  • Supercritical fluid technology (SCF) for materials processing, SCF technology for materials recycling, green chemical processing, nanohybrid and composite materials.
  • Mechanochemical, sonochemical, microwave, electrochemical processing of materials. Multi-energy processing routes – hydrothermal-mechanochemical, hydrothermal-electrochemical, hydrothermal-biological, hydrothermal-sol gel, hydrothermal-solution plasma.
  • Biomimetic processes, nature inspired processing techniques, bio-inspired.
  • Solution processing of thin films, fine ceramics, direct write technology, wet chemical processing (co-precipitation, hydrolysis, intercalation/deintercalation, ion exchange).
  • Sol-gel technology.
  • Nanomaterials (including nanotubes) processing using hydrothermal and solvothermal techniques.
  • Inorganic nanostructures fabrication, nanostructures and hybrid composites for various applications including gas sensors and biomedical applications, nanoceramics processing.
  • Novel methods of materials processing for bioimaging and biophotonics applications.
  • Self-assembly, templating.
  • Engineered materials and devices for environment and energy applications.
  • Hydrothermal and solvothermal carbon polymorphs.
  • Carbon forms – metal / metal oxides / polymers composites.
  • Novel solution processing routes for nanoscale films, nanoprobes and nanocarriers, nanoplatforms for biological imaging.
  • Advanced drug delivery systems.
  • Biofunctionalization of nanomaterials for various applications.
  • Novel techniques of patterning and manufacturing of materials for next generation energy applications.
  • Solution processing of nanomaterials for water purification and effluent treatment.
  • Solution processing of negative index materials – from microwave to optical.
  • Novel solution processing of biodegradable and biocompatible materials.
  • Solution processing of nanoparticles from fabrication to clinical applications.
  • Nanobiomolecular assembly.
  • Toxicity studies of nanomaterials.
  • Materials for carbon capturing.
  • Materials for H2 generation and water splitting and environmental safety.

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Yanli ZHAO
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Adichunchanagiri University, India


Zheng LIU
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

University of Cologne, Germany

University of New Castle, Australia


Prof Yanli Zhao
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


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