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Innovations in Membrane Technology – Discovery, Process and Applications

Over the past two decades, membranes have played an increasingly important role in providing an environmentally sustainable means for separation, especially in terms of equipment footprint, and energy efficiency. While the core focus has been in water and environmental technology, there is increasing innovation involving membrane technology, in various fields including gas separations, biomedical applications, food technology, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

The symposium will be organized over the following themes:

  • Next Generation Membranes (Discovery and Process)
  • Translation (Fabrication, Module Design and Construction)
  • Systems Integration and Piloting (Challenges and Opportunities)
  • Novel Applications
  • Uthamalingam BALACHANDRAN, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
  • Dibakar BHATTACHARYYA, University of Kentucky, USA
  • Neal CHUNG, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Ingo PINNAU, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • BlueOcean Memtech


Adil Minoo DHALLA
START Centre, NTU, Singapore

Chakravarthy S. GUDIPATI
START Centre, NTU, Singapore


Neal Tai-Shung CHUNG
National University of Singapore

University of Kentucky, USA

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Adil Minoo DHALLA
START Centre, NTU, Singapore